Two More Reasons to Get a Paper Towel Holder

Whether you use paper towels a lot or occasionally, you want  them within an easy reach. You can get low-cost paper towel holders pretty much anywhere - or you can get a well-constructed, attractive, and long-lasting paper towel holder from Allied Brass.

Now there are two more reasons to get a paper towel holder from Allied Brass - we just released new paper towel stands from our popular Pipeline Collection and our innovative, brass-and-acrylic Clearview Collection.

Paper Towel Stand Constructed From Pipe Parts

Every piece from the Pipeline Collection is constructed from actual pipe - flanges, elbows, tees, etc. - fastened together to create truly unique decorative hardware. You can see the details in the collection's new countertop paper towel stand, shown in a teal finish.

Pipeline Collection teal paper towel stand

Eight different brass part pieces were used to construct this sturdy paper towel stand. Weighing just under 5 pounds, you know it won't easily topple over!

Here's how it looks loaded up with a fresh roll:

Gray Pipeline paper towel stand with roll
Finish: Matte Gray
Click on any image to visit the product page, where you can preview different finishes and get additional details and product specs.
Pipeline products are available in 19 standard finishes, including colors, metallics, and matte.

New Brass Paper Towel Stand With Acrylic Detail

Our Clearview Collection blends brass with strong, clear acrylic. We used acrylic to craft a knob detail for the collection's new paper towel stand, shown here with an antique pewter finish:

Brass and acrylic paper towel stand

 And here it is fully loaded. 

brass paper towel holder with roll and acrylic top knob

The weighted base keeps the holder from tipping over. A felt bottom prevents scratching the surface it rests on.

Clearview hardware comes in 28 standard finishes.

Why Get a Paper Towel Stand?

Paper towel stands are particularly useful for people who use them often for cleaning, cooking, or both. They can be easily moved around a kitchen countertop, where most of our customers keep them.

Others like to keep them in customer or guest bathrooms for both cleaning and hand drying purposes. 

Most paper towel stands are pretty basic. We created ours to be decorative items as well as their obvious purpose. After all, kitchens are the heart of a home and people put a lot of effort into ensuring they are as attractive as they are efficient.

It's one reason why we love designing hardware. You need hardware in so many places - why not make them attractive as well as useful?

Browse all our paper towel holders to see other countertop styles as well as wall-mounted and under-the-cabinet options. 

Paper towel holder