Tips To Make Your Brass Bathroom Fixtures Last

Featuring brass accents in the bathroom is a popular method for adding a classic, vintage, or even industrial style to any bathroom. These fixtures add beautiful touches to any room, but especially the bathroom. With this room’s humid conditions, you might find that your brass fixtures start to become dull after some time. Here are the best tips to make your brass bathroom fixtures last. With these, you’ll have them shining like new.

Clean Them

Regularly cleaning your brass fixtures is the best way to prevent them from tarnishing. You’ll know if your brass has tarnished if you see dark, black spots on their usually shiny surfaces. Start by taking a soft cloth towel and applying hot, soapy water to the brass surface. If this doesn’t remove the stain, you’ll need to try something a bit stronger. You can use vinegar to remove tarnish and tough water stains. And if that doesn’t work, you could even try tomato products like ketchup and tomato paste. This may sound weird. However, tomatoes contain acids that can help break down the tarnish. Just remember to clean thoroughly with soap and water afterward.

Polish Them

Even when you don’t need to go in for a thorough cleaning, you can polish brass to maintain its shine. Try using hot water and a soft microfiber cloth to give it a nice, even buff. You can also pick up metal or brass polish. Most hardware or home stores you visit will carry brass or multi-purpose polishes.

Seal Them

The best way to keep brass surfaces looking nice for a long time is to apply a coat of clear sealant. Even the best sealants can wear down over time, so stay on top of polishing and cleaning to make sure your brass maintains its shine. Not all brass fixtures require a sealant to maintain their luster. For example, we finish all our products here at Allied Brass with a highly durable powder coating that will last for years in any space.

With these tips to make your brass bathroom fixtures last, your brass accents will continue to look pristine. If you’re interested in adding new brass bathroom hardware to your space, check out Allied Brass for all your needs. We carry towel bars, mirrors, shelves, cabinets pieces, and more so that you can style your bathroom or any room around the house.