Designer brass robe hook

We can't think of any type of decorative hardware that's more elegant than a robe hook.

That's because robes are among our most cherished (and sometimes, elegant) clothing. Whether your robe is a source of comfort or part of your wardrobe (like robes worn by judges and superheroes!) it deserves special handling from a stylish robe hook.

Robe Hooks for a Favorite Piece of Clothing

People love their bathrobes. Bathrobes are probably the most comfy and comforting item of clothing you'll ever wear. You only wear yours (or your favorite one) in front of the people you trust most.

Robes are also designed to go on hooks. Whether it's a Versace or Williams Sonoma robe, it's got a little loop to fit over a hook. We design and manufacture brass robe hooks worthy of your robe.

We make our robe hooks strong enough to secure and hold hold a heavy garment, and finish each one with a powder coating that won't fade or peel. Most of our collections offer 17 standard finishes, including this slick robe hook below from our Montero collection:

Finish: Antique Bronze 

We're particularly proud of this twist we designed off a traditional hook shape for our Soho collection:

Finish: Satin Brass

The Soho collection is an example of how we take a conventional look and update it with a softer, more playful modern style.

Our Clearview, Pacific Beach, and Pacific Grove collections blend brass and acrylic, creating modern styles that complement light, airy rooms like you see in beach houses. You can see what we mean from this robe hook from the Pacific Beach collection:

Finish: Polished Nickel

It practically begs you to hang a towel or wrap on it, doesn't it?

Elegant Hooks Everyone Will Notice

We can't say for sure that our robe hooks are found in judges' chambers, but we think they are perfectly well-suited for those.

In our opinion, this robe hook from our Carolina Crystal collection is elegant enough for the Supreme Court. 


Finish: Polished Chrome

A sister collection, Carolina, incorporates the same design without the crystal inlay.

Of course, you can use our hooks throughout your home or office. We've seen many used near bathtubs or inside showers to hold face cloths, shower puffs, or loofahs. Other customers like our hooks in their kitchens to hold tea towels and oven mitts.

The broad hook from our Bolero collection works well in these places. 

Mambo single hook in kitchen

 Finish: Satin Nickel

All Allied Brass hooks come with hardware designed specifically for each piece and remain out of sight after installation. Instructions are included and can be viewed on product pages.

Shipping is free throughout the U.S. 

Questions? Contact us today!

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