Timeless Hardware Finishes for Your Kitchen

Kitchens are among a home's major features. No other room adds more value to a home than a well-designed and equipped kitchen. 

Allied Brass hardware is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality brass decorative hardware that's sure to add additional panache to your kitchen. We're proud to offer 17 standard finishes for our collections that include matte, brass, bronze, and chrome finishes to name a few.* 

Read on about hardware finishes that have had enduring popularity in kitchens over the decades. Click on any image to see the product page and preview different finishes and other options such as ring details and size options.


We understand if you think of a bright finish when you think brass. It certainly is the case when you think of a brass band, for example. We offer different brass finishes, as well as an unlacquered (unfinished) option that can darken to a desired shade and polished back to brightness later on.

Antique Brass

For many people, an antique brass finish is the ideal patina. It retains the warmth of brass, darkened to a shade associated with aged brass. This 8" door pull is sized for cabinets and large drawers, particularly those made from darker wood like mahogany and walnut.

Polished Brass

It's not an epee, it's an upright, wall-mounted paper towel holder from our Retro Wave collection in a dramatic polished brass finish. Our unlacquered option arrives in this shiny condition as well.

Satin Brass

Satin brass is a softer hue within the brass family, with a golden yellow brushed look. Like matte finishes, it won't show fingerprints, which makes it a popular choice for lots of customers! This under-the-counter paper towel holder is from our blocky, modern Montero collection.


Bronze is the color naturally found in copper, one of the two elements in brass (the other is zinc). It's a great hardware choice for an industrial kitchen style. Not surpassingly, it's a staple color in our collections, which include these bronze-based finishes:

Antique Bronze

Our antique bronze finish is warm brown with a touch of shine. It's a nice complement to neutral and light colors. 

Brushed Bronze

We try not to play favorites, but it's hard not to love the soft glow of brass finished in brushed bronze, like this cabinet knob from our Carolina Crystal collection. 

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil-rubbed bronze are dark, almost black in color. They provide dramatic accents in otherwise neutral kitchen colors and work in modern or traditional decor. It's particularly dramatic on this Bolero collection hook.

Venetian Bronze

Venetian Bronze falls between the lighter Antique Bronze and dark Oil-Rubbed Bronze finishes. It's almost a matte brown finish, with a touch of gleam when the light hits it. This wall-mounted paper towel holder is from our Prestige Que New collection.


Chrome isn't just for muscle cars! It's a wildly popular choice for kitchen appliances. It made sense for us to to offer some chrome choices in our hardware to pair along with them. It's usually seen in modern decor, although it can pack a punch in more traditional surroundings.

Polished Chrome

This wall-mounted  paper towel holder from our Waverly Place collection is a good example. Seen in other shades, Waverly Place hardware looks quite traditional!

Satin Chrome

Like satin brass, satin chrome is a softer version of its highly polished cousin. It shines, but with less intensity and is more resistant to fingerprints. This three-hook piece from our Skyline collection is perfect to hold oven gloves and tea towels.

Matte Colors

We introduced matte colors several years ago, mainly because they resist fingerprints. Although our brass is ridiculously easy to keep clean, we get it - we've raised kids of our own! 

As it turned out, matte colors are increasingly popular. In fact, matte black was the most popular finish ordered by our customers in 2021. 

Matte Black wall-mounted soap dish, Pipeline Collection


 Matte Gray wall-mounted soap dispenser, Monte Carlo collection

Matte White roller less wall-mounted paper towel holder, Fresno collection

This isn't an exhaustive list of finishes - we also have different nickel finishes, a copper finish, and a pewter finish. 

We can also customize a color for a small, one-time fee. This means that going forward, you will not be charged for that particular color in future orders. It's like owning the color. Details for this service are listed on all product pages.

Questions? Contact us today! 


* Pipeline collection accessories are available in eight finishes.