Allied Brass Shower Curtain Accessories Complete the Bathroom

You have at least one bathroom with a pretty nice shower curtain, right? Make sure it's held up with a sturdy curtain rod.

While you're at it, add decorative brackets to complement that nice curtain - just like you do with curtains in the rest of your home. Read on about how our designer brass shower curtain accessories complete your bathroom.

Brass-Made Shower Curtain Rods Will Last For Years

What's holding up your shower curtain right now?

If it's not a brass shower curtain rod, chances are it's starting to fade or peel. A sturdy new brass shower curtain rod will last for a lifetime and won't fade, peel, or rust.

We offer two expandable brass shower curtain rods. Both are 1" in diameter and are perfect fits for our brackets. One expands to 60" and the other to 72". They deliver the best support you can give your shower curtain. Our customers agree - shower curtain hardware was our #1 product in sales in 2021.

Our rods come in the same 17 shades as the brackets. Order brackets and rods in the same finish, or consider different finishes to pack a real punch over the tub!

Decorative Brackets Accessorize Shower Curtains and Rods 

Every shower curtain rod ends with brackets. Accessorize it - and the shower curtain - with decorative brass brackets on both ends.

Take a look at this bracket from our popular Dottingham collection shown in a warm brushed bronze finish.

Click on the photo (and any photo here) to see details like the dotted circles that distinguish each Dottingham piece and preview 17 different finishes.

We added shower curtain brackets, shown below, to our Monte Carlo collection. Click on the photo to see the details etched onto the bracket. 

Bracket and Rod Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze

 Here's another rod and bracket - this is from our Waverly Place collection:

 Bracket and Rod Finish: Antique Brass

Notice the large bubble detail on the bracket. We also offer it flat, without the bubble:

Bracket and Rod Finish: Antique Pewter Keep At Least One Bathtub and

Some brackets come with ring details, like this one from our Skyline collection shown with a twist detail:

Finish: Polished Nickel

Click on the photo to preview other ring details and finishes.

Should You Go Tub-Free?

We've seen - and received - a ton of ads offering to update our "ugly bathtub" with a modern walk-in shower.

First off, our tub is very nice thank you. And second, we hope anyone who sees these ads thinks at least twice before making their home "bathtub-free." There are many reasons to keep a bathtub, including these:

  • Tubs are the safest way to bathe babies and young children not ready for a shower
  • You can't soak an injury in a shower! (Can you even shower with Epsom salts?)
  • A nice hot soak is good for the soul every now and then

We have nothing against showers. Our ensuite bedroom has a shower with glass doors. Naturally,  Allied Brass offers a variety of brass shower door hardware

Not sure if you want to convert a tub into a shower? Better Homes and Gardens weighs the pros and cons and offers tips on replacing or converting a tub or shower.  

Here's a hot top: All Allied Brass products ship free throughout the U.S.!

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