This Year, Color The Accessories

We've noticed more chatter this year about trends in patterns, like subway tile versus crosshatch. We wondered, what about colors?

We've talked about using our brass accessories as accent pieces, which work great in small rooms like bathrooms but also in kitchens where you want your appliances coordinated. So why not match accessories to them?

Matte Finish for Brass Products

While we love the gleam of a highly polished brass votive candleholder, we understand the appeal of matte colors. That's why we offer matte finishes in white, black, and gray for our products:

  • There's the Ipe ironwood shelf with towel bar showed here in a matte white finish from our Astor Place collection
  • The paper towel holder from our Montero collection in matte black looks great in kitchens with black appliances

More Color Choices for Accessories!

We offer 17 standard finishes for our brass accessories (and seven for our Pipeline collection) but if you're interested in a customized color, we can provide these, quickly and for a lot less cost you might expect: $100 in any quantity, and you'll "own" the color for future orders.

Our custom colors come from Prismatic Powders who use powder coating technology that is harder and much more durable than conventional paint. Powder coating also delivers an evener coating and won't drip, sag, or run.

Finally, powder coating is friendlier to the environment because it doesn't need a solvent, so it doesn't release any Volatile Organic Compounds into the atmosphere.

Prismatic's color wheel is just about infinite. Contact us details about the colors you're thinking about.

2019 Colors: Mellower Than 2018

Last year, we reported that lavender was the color for 2018, giving some of us flashbacks to 1980s bridesmaids' dresses.

This year, the colors are a mellower: hazelnut, camel, and muted pastels, colors that welcome more vibrant colors for accessories clients want to show off. So go ahead and recommend a bright, contrasting color for accessories for smaller rooms like the bathroom or home office.

Questions? Email us at or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.