So Many Reasons To Love (And Recommend) Brass

Our lives are filled with brass, and we think everyone's should be, too.

There are so many reasons to love brass:

  • It's tough
  • It's magnificent to view
  • It won't rust and resists humidity
  • It resists germs and bacteria!
  • It's a pleasure to design

OK, that last one might be too personal. Excuse us as we share our Valentine to brass, that wonderful alloy with so many wonderful qualities we hope you'll share with your clients.

Brass is One Tough Alloy

Brass is a combination, or as they say in science, an alloy. It's primarily made from copper and zinc.

Brass is stronger and harder than copper because zinc forms a metallic bond with copper even though zinc is softer. If you're interested to know how this can be, check out this article in Scientific American.

The point is: brass is really, really strong. Like Serena Williams strong.

Brass is Magnificent to View

You don't agree? Should we take this outside?

Seriously, even the Scientific American people write about "A beautiful brass composed of zinc 50"68, copper 49-32..." It's like combining genes from Emmy Rossum and John Legend--with Serena's strength added in.

Brass also holds its shape and let's face it, that's a quality we'd all love to have.

Brass Won't Rust

Brass' parents, copper and zinc, don't contain iron, which makes brass highly resistant to rusting and moisture. That's why brass is such a good match for bathrooms, saunas, and other places where there's water, moisture, steam, etc.

Brass Fights Germs and Bacteria

Copper and brass are celebrated in the medical world for their anti-microbial properties. Hospitals, physician offices, and other medical facilities use a lot of brass for this purpose. They actually kill the DNA in bacteria that helps them resist antibiotics, making them important partners in medicine's fight against superbugs.

Brass is a Pleasure to Design

You'll have to take our word on this, but it's a real pleasure to design with brass. As for results: above are one of our many designer knobs in an antique copper finish and a towel bar from our Venus collection in a bright polished brass finish.

Take a look at our different collections, from the traditional looks of our Regal and Astor Place collections to the modern Prestige Skyline and Soho lines.

Or check out the acrylic touches we added to our Clearview, Pacific Beach, and Pacific Grove collections.

We're particularly proud of the intricate details in the Retro Dot and Retro Wave collections, too.

Look at these and the 24 other collections we designed and continue to manufacture right here in the U.S. We're pretty sure you'll find one that matches your clients' tastes--and if you have your own design idea, we'd be happy to hear about it!

Questions? Email us at or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.

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