3-arm swivel towel bar from Allied Brass
As more of us share bathrooms, towel space has become somewhat competitive if our home is an example. We solved the problem by adding a 3-arm swinging vertical towel bar like this one.

A Swivel Arm for Every Towel

We feel strongly that every towel deserves its own place where it can dry off until the next use. We've witnessed what happens when someone's towel is tossed aside, thrown on the floor, or worse, used by a second party.

Preserve the peace! Our three-arm swivel towel bars accommodate extra towels needed by people with long hair (we get it) or want a separate towel to dry their feet after a shower or bath (we don't get it but accept it).

Each arm can swivel out to keep damp towels away from the dry ones. They're also useful for placing towels within easy reach of the shower or tub. Arms can be folded back to the wall when they aren't being used.

These towel bars are made from brass and reach out 28 inches, long enough to accommodate large beach towels. They are available in 17 standard finishes, including brushed bronze shown above. This one from our
Prestige Que New collection is shown in a shiny polished chrome finish.

See more of these swivel bars. Be sure to use the zoom feature to view different designs on the anchor plates.

Swinging Bars for Guest Towels

More people at home means more people using the powder room, too. Add more towels there and hang them on a multi-arm towel bar like this three-arm guest bar for a vanity top:

This one features a satin brass finish. It's nine inches high, with 15" arms that swivel independently.

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guest towel holders that include single and double vanity top towel rings, wall-mounted brass and glass guest towel holders, and wall-mounted arms that hold up to three guest towels.

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