Two-arm guest towel holder made with acrylic and brass from Allied Brass

Brass and acrylic may seem too different from one another, but hear us out: they really do work well together!

Take this two-arm wall-mounted guest towel from our Clearview collection. Those clean lines make it perfect for a laid-back beach look - such as a guest bathroom. 

Acrylic Brings a Sturdy Touch

We chose brass as the primary material for our accessories. It's great to design with, but sturdy enough to maintain its shape for years. And we like how it stands up to moisture without rusting.

When we began looking for a complementary material to add decorative touches, we were pleasantly surprised to learn acrylic is so durable. It's as sturdy as brass. So we created the Clearview collection to feature acrylic arms for shower door hardware, towel bars, and towel ladders like this one:

We later added the Pacific Beach and Pacific Grove collections to feature acrylic as well. Here's a back-to-back shower door from our Pacific Grove collection with acrylic handles and brass hardware finished in brushed bronze:

Note the twist details on the rings that hold the handles firmly in place. And here is a double towel bar from our Pacific Beach collection, with acrylic arms and grooved ring details:

Acrylic Details and Inlays

Brass has a reputation for being formal - think of the captain's quarters - which can dissuade people who prefer informal or casual decor. We've used acrylic inlay to add that laid-back touch reminiscent of Pop Art. We use acrylic details in toilet paper holders like this two-post from Clearview with dotted ring detail:

This European style, roller-free toilet paper holder from Pacific Beach has a clear acrylic detail.

You'll find acrylic details in bathroom and powder room accessories like soap dishes, tumbler/toothbrush holders, and towel rings. We've also added acrylic detail to glass shelves like these from Pacific Grove:

Shelves are available with towel bars as well. Check them out on our website, where you can also preview 17 standard finishes for all our brass products.
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