Dual roll toilet paper holder with shelf
Let's begin by emphasizing that all Allied Brass accessories will last for years with normal use. Each comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Some accessories, however, will be used for years upon years, several times a day,  and you won't necessarily think about them because they are so good!

Here are six such accessories:

  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Toilet Paper Holders
  • Towel Bars
  • Tumbler/Toothbrush Holders
  • Shower Curtain Brackets and Rods
  • Shower Door Hardware

Finish: Satin Brass

Accessories for Everyday Use With Exquisite Looks and Extraordinary Durability

The six accessories listed above are used every day, often several times a day. That's certainly the case for toilet paper holders, towel bars, and if you listen to your dentist, tumbler/toothbrush holders.

It's hard to even consider living without these accessories.

Why Not Have the Most Toilet Paper Holders?

Everyone needs toilet paper holders. Sure, you can balance a roll on the top of the toilet tank but that's not exactly the best place to reach it. And what if it rolls off and away from you?

Toilet tissue holders are among our best-selling items and we have plenty of them, in plenty of styles and designs. You'll find them in each of our collections of brass and pipe-constructed home accessories.

Above is an example of a recessed toilet paper holder from our Carolina Crystal collection, which sets glass crystal details into each piece. Recessed holders can be difficult to find since they aren't used in most newer homes but they're standard in older ones. We're proud to offer several beautiful recessed toilet paper holders for these spaces.

Wall-mounted toilet paper holders include several with European style, roller-less holders; multi-roll holders; upright toilet paper holders; and holders with glass or wood shelves over them. We also offer toilet tissue holders with space for a reserve roll.

Here's a two-roll holder with a glass shelf from our Que New collection:

Dual toilet paper holder with glass shelf Finish: Brushed Bronze

 And here's an upright toilet paper holder with room for a reserve roll from our Southbeach collection:

Upright brass toilet paper holder Allied Brass

Finish: Polished Nickel

Every Day Accessories For Bathrooms Only

Tumbler/toothbrush holders are pretty much found only in bathrooms, right where they belong. We have a lot of designer accessories to hold your toothbrush and if you like, a tumbler. 

Here's a wall-mounted tumbler/toothbrush holder from our Carolina collection, a cousin to Carolina Crystal. It's got classic good looks and is easy to install.

wall mounted brass tumbler toothbrush holder

Finish: Antique Brass

 We also have vanity-top holders with weighted bases that won't tip or fall over, like this one from our Pipeline collection, one of two collections with accessories made from actual pipe:

Vanity top tumbler toothbrush holder


Designer Hardware for Showers and Tubs

Do you think about your shower curtain rod?

Probably not but that's a good thing, right? The only time you might think about a curtain rod is when you're taking the shower curtain and liner to wash them, or to put up new ones.

Why not get a sturdy, all-brass shower rod that won't break down like plastic ones? Brass won't rust, and our finishes are warranted against peeling or tearing.

Even better, we offer an assortment of designer rod brackets to add a touch of style to those rods and complement your bathroom decor. This one comes from our Skyline collection:

Brass shower curtain rod bracket with ring design

Finish: Polished Brass

Note the dotted ring design, one of four available for this bracket. Click on the photo to see more ring and finish options.

Be sure to see our other shower curtain designer hardware

Does your bath room have glass shower doors? Show them off with designer door pulls and towel bar pulls. We recently featured our two-sided shower door hardware options. We also have pulls and towel bars for one side of a shower door. See all our shower door hardware.

Cabinet Hardware That Can Take The Tugs

Finally, think about your cabinets.

Most of the time you'll think about what's inside them. Consider what's outside them, too - like the hardware needed to open them.

We think our cabinet hardware is the a lot of fun to browse. Maybe it's because there's such a variety of option, from stunning sculptures to bold cylinders. 

            Designer cabinet knobCabinet knob button stem

We also offer cabinet door pulls with intriguing designs:

Pipe constructed cabinet pull3 inch brass designer cabinet pull


Knobs and pulls come in several different finishes and sizes. Be sure to browse the full collection!

Hardware and home accessories should be as attractive as the rooms around them. Next time you need to replace one, don't go the mundane route - replace with attractive designer pieces meant to enjoy for years!


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