How To Install a Ceiling Hung Mirror

If you’re struggling to find wall space around your house for mirrors, a great way to incorporate one is to hang it from your ceiling. These types of mirrors help you keep your wall space free and can even act as natural dividers in a room. Now, you might wonder how to install a ceiling hung mirror. Don’t worry because these mirrors are easy for almost any average homeowner to mount.

Finding the Right Mirror

Before you start thinking about the installation process, you have to find the right mirror for your space. Ceiling hung mirrors come in various shapes, styles, and sizes. So, you should have an image in your head of the shape and size you want. Also, keep in mind how low you want the mirror itself to hang. You’ll want it to be in line with your height so that the top of your head isn’t beyond its edge, and you’re not standing on your tip-toes to see your reflection.

What You Will Need

Next, make sure you have the right tools for the installation job. Check the instructions for the mirror kit you’ve obtained to be most accurate. In general, you’ll need a power drill, screws (if they don’t come with your mirror), a pencil (or another marking utensil), and a tape measure. Since you’ll be working against the ceiling, you may also need a ladder and personal safety equipment, such as glasses and head protection.


Start by choosing your desired location for the hanging mirror, and hold the base against the ceiling. Use your pencil to mark the holes in the base plate where you’ll need to drill. Make two marks for these mounting screw holes, and then use the appropriate drill bit to create a hole at each one. From there, realign the base plate with the ceiling. Then, fasten your screws through the base plate for a secure hold. Do this for each side of the support bars of the mirror, and that’s it!

And there you have it. Learning how to install a ceiling hung mirror is as easy as that—just a few steps, and you’ll have a beautiful, new hanging mirror. So, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have the space in your home for a wall mirror. Installing a ceiling hung mirror is just as easy.