Lord Of The Decorative Rings!

The designs for all Allied Brass products are created in-house. As you browse our catalog (we offer it online or you can download to print), you'll notice that many products offer different ring styles.

Two are shown above: the dotted ring on the cabinet knob with the antique brass finish, and the twist on the Pacific Grove soapdish shown here in a matte gray finish. We offer two additional ring detail styles.

Preview Different Ring Styles Online

In addition to the dotted and twist styles, we detail rings with smooth and grooved styles. Here's a towel bar from the Satellite Orbit collection, shown with a grooved ring style and in a satin nickel finish.

Our website lets you and your clients preview how different ring styles look on products that offer this feature. (You can do the same with our 17 different finishes as well.)

You'll find the four ring detail choices for select products in these Allied Brass collections:

Decorative rings are offered on selected products within these collections. You'll find them offered for toilet paper holders, appliance/refrigerator pulls, and toothbrush and tumbler holders in addition to the accessories shown above.

Questions? Email us at sales@alliedbrass.com or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.

Decorative rings