Ceiling-hung Mirrors To Transform Any Room

It used to be you'd usually see ceiling-hung mirrors in bathrooms, where wall space is a premium and can quickly get crowded.

You'll still find mirrors suspended from bathroom ceilings. These days, more designers are recommending them in bedrooms and walk-in closets where they provide a natural space divider.

We're also seeing ceiling-hung mirrors in dining rooms and living rooms where they offer a stylish pendant-like touch over buffets and sideboards.

Add a Modern Touch to Any Room

Are you working with a client who wants to update a room? You can't go wrong with a ceiling-hung mirror from Allied Brass.

Our mirrors are two-sided and designed to reflect modern trends and feature frameless, flared edges for a minimalist look. We offer five distinct designs in four shapes: round, arched (shown above), oval, and rectangular, including a landscape option.

All-brass suspending hardware is offered in 17 standard finishes; ask us about custom colors. Beveled edges are standard on three models and can be customized for other models.

Mirror, Mirror, Hanging From the Ceiling

Why hang a mirror from the ceiling instead of on a wall?

Probably the most obvious reason is that the wall where you and a client want to hang a mirror lacks a stud. Ceiling joists and studs are pretty solid alternatives and aren't limited by spacial considerations.

Ceiling hung mirrors also add dimension to any room, particularly when they reflect natural light from a window or skylight. In a bathroom, this really helps with dressing and makeup.

Mirrors are also decorative. People have been hanging art from ceilings for decades, so it was a matter of time before decorative mirrors would receive the same treatment.

And as we've pointed out, ceiling-hung mirrors naturally divide a room. In a bedroom, they can be used to separate sleeping and dressing areas or divide shared dressing space. Go ahead and add a ceiling-hung mirror to that room!

Questions? Email us at sales@alliedbrass.com or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.