Elegant brass towel ring

With the pandemic finally easing up, more people are taking out their guest towels to add another welcoming gesture for a guest or two. Celebrate these small occasions with unique guest towel holders for the guest bathroom and powder room.

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Guest Towel Holders for Different Spaces

Here at Allied Brass, we offer lots of choices to hold and display guest towels. (Guest towels are so much fun to shop for - why not give them an elegant display?) 

The type of guest towel holder you choose probably depends upon how much space you have. If your powder room or bathroom has a decent amount of countertop space, your might want to look at vanity top towel holders or towel trays.

Or if you don't have much vanity top space, towel rings can be bolted to a wall or cabinet. Some of our towel trays can also be mounted to a wall.

Our Customers Love Our Towel Rings!

Customers ordered a lot of towel rings in 2021. They certainly are useful for small bathrooms and are a natural for powder rooms, too.

This towel ring from our Montero Collection was the third-most popular item customers ordered in 2021. The collection itself ranked #2 for the year as well.

Finish: Satin Chrome.

The Foxtrot Collection collection towel ring was also in our Top Ten for most-ordered products last year:

Finish: Antique Pewter.

We love this antique pewter finish introduced in 2021, bringing the total number of standard finishes we offer customers to 17.

Foxtrot was the fourth-most popular collection among our customers last year. 

Vanity Top Towel Stands, Wherever Towels are Used

We're pretty sure that vanity top guest towel stands will never go out of style in bathrooms with generous vanity top space. We've also noticed they're being used in remodeled kitchens where countertop space is almost always increased.

Our vanity top towel stands come in two basic styles: straight-arm and with towel rings. Here's one with three arms that swivel:

Finish: Polished Chrome. Smooth Ring Style.

This particular accessory offers ring styles as well. In addition to the smooth ring above, you can select twisted, dotted, or grooved rings. Just click on the photo to see more!

Many of our vanity top guest towel holders feature a "T" shape like this one from our Retro Dot collection

Finish: Antique Brass

If rings are your thing, take a look at this two-ring guest towel stand:

Finish: Satin Nickel. Smooth Ring Detail.

Choose a grooved, twisted, smooth, or dotted ring details  for rings at the top and base of the stand.

We even have a 3-ring guest towel holder:

Finish: Brushed Bronze. Smooth Ring Detail.

Brass and Glass Guest Towel Trays, For Even More Elegance

You might see towel trays in the restrooms of very elegant restaurants. Back in the day, they were staffed by attendants who also offered a spritz of cologne, a disposable brush or comb, and even cigarettes!

Start a trend! Re-capture that elegance (maybe minus the cigarettes) with brass and glass guest towel trays for your own powder room or customer rest room. 

Choose from vanity top or wall-mounted towel trays.

Vanity Top Guest Towel Tray. Finish: Venetian Bronze.

Monte Carlo Collection Wall-Mounted Guest Towel Tray. Finish: Antique Copper

Note the delicate detail on the mounting plate, a feature of this collection.

As you can see, our plates are made with thick safety glass that's about four times stronger than regular glass. 

The best thing about these elegant towel trays is that you can decide if you want to use disposable decorative paper napkins for towels - a good choice for rest rooms - or store your favorite guest towels for easy access.

Get New Guest Towels, Too!

Many of us are just slowly starting to invite people over after a long pandemic. Why not update your guest towels?

Take a look at some of the very clever paper guest towels and napkins on Pinterest (we love the holiday themed-ones) and shop around for specials deals.