Which Mirrors Are Suitable for a Bathroom?

If you’re planning to remodel or redecorate your bathroom soon, you’ll likely need a new mirror. This is a careful choice to make, as you’ll need to consider the size, shape, and type of mirror you get. Most people may not stop to think about which mirrors are suitable for a bathroom. But the truth is that bathroom mirrors need to have specific designs and features to be safe for use.

Using Tempered Glass Mirrors

Some new home renovators may wonder what the big deal with tempered glass is, but it comes down to federal safety standards. These guidelines state that bathroom mirrors must be made of tempered glass (also known as toughened glass). This type of glass undergoes a chemical strengthening process. This prevents it from fracturing into thousands of tiny shards when it breaks. Tempered glass can also withstand changes in temperature, which makes it ideal for a bathroom setting that deals with changes in heat and humidity from nearby baths and showers. Using tempered glass helps keep you and your family safe.

Choosing a Mirror Size

Now that you know to look for a tempered glass mirror, it’s time to choose a size. Make sure to measure the space around where you want the mirror to hang. This is usually above the bathroom counter or sink. For a pleasant look and design, you’ll want to select a mirror that is a few inches shorter than your countertop or the same length as it. Your decision comes down to personal preference, but interior designers recommend against choosing a mirror that’s wider than the edges of your counter. As for the height, measure a few inches above your head so that you have plenty of space to view your reflection.

Selecting a Style of Mirror

There are many mirror styles to choose from. You could select a wall-mounted, decorative, uniquely shaped, or adjustable mirror, to name just a few options. Overall, you should pick a mirror that fits the overall theme and style of your bathroom. For example, if you use metal fixtures in your bathroom, you could choose a brass wall mirror to fit the decorative theme.

Once you know you’re following safety guidelines, choosing a mirror for your bathroom comes down to following your personal style. Now that you know which mirrors are suitable for a bathroom, you can select the perfect shape, style, and size to best suit your space.