Where To Place Towel Rings in Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom feel cluttered or messy? If you have towels strewn about your countertops, you can easily declutter them with the help of towel rings. If you’ve never considered using them before, you may be wondering where to place towel rings in your bathroom. Keep reading to find all the inspiration you need for where to install towel rings around your bathroom space.

Hand Towel Placement

Hand towels can be hung in various areas inside your bathroom. They’re useful to have within reach of your bathroom sink for easy hand-drying access. If you have a double-sink vanity, consider hanging a towel ring on each side for easy access at each end. Make sure to leave enough space between the countertop and the ring for the hand towel to hang down. 18-20 inches guarantees you’re working with enough space.

Bath Towel Placement

Towel rings also make great holders for larger bath towels. You can also place towel rings outside the bathtub or shower for easy access. We recommend a large-sized towel ring to accommodate bath towels that are longer or bulkier than normal ones. Install your towel ring outside the door or curtain to your shower or bath. If you have multiple family members in your home, you could install a ring for every family member’s towel.

How To Hang Towel Rings

Installing towel rings around your bathroom is very easy. There are only a few simple steps to installing them. All you have to do is hold your ring up to the desired location on the wall and mark the drill holes. Next, mount the backplate to align with these drilled holes and attach the towel ring to the backplate.

You can find detailed illustrations and instructions for hanging our brass towel rings at Allied Brass if you need additional help.

Adding a few towel rings to your bathroom is a great way to maximize space and efficiency. They can also help to keep your bathroom clean and drip-free. Now that you have some ideas for where to place towel rings in your bathroom, you can get to work installing them.