Where To Hang Your Bathroom Towels

Imagine stepping out of the shower in the morning only to realize that there are no bath towels in reach. As you stand there panicking and dripping water all over the floor, it occurs to you that it may be time to change the location of the towel racks to somewhere more convenient. Here are some tips on where to hang your bathroom towels to avoid this unnecessary tragedy.

In or Near the Shower

While it may seem counter-intuitive to put something that you want to keep dry directly inside your shower, this can help prevent the exact no-towel scenario we mentioned above. It also has the benefit of letting you wrap yourself in that soft, fluffy warmness before exposing yourself to the bitter cold awaiting you on the other side of your shower curtain. If you prefer to avoid towels in the bathtub, there are many beautiful brass glass shelves that will add a touch of class to any bathroom. If your home has a shower instead of a tub, mounting a towel rack on the outside of the shower door also allows for quick access.

Next To the Sink

Towels in the bathroom aren’t just for drying yourself after you get out of the shower. As anybody who has ever used a bathroom in an unfamiliar house can confirm, trying to locate the right towel to dry off after washing your hands is the ultimate game of “Where’s Waldo?” To prevent your houseguests from panicking after using the loo, you should consider hanging your hand towels as close to the sink as possible. One potential location is on the wall next to the mirror because it’s easy to find and looks classy. If your bathroom has a vanity, you can hang a towel ring on the side to avoid cluttering your bathroom wall.

Other Useful Locations

There are a handful of other places that can appeal to both form and function. Depending upon the layout of your bathroom, a new towel rack on the back of the door can help put your bath towel within easy grabbing distance. If space is at a premium, you should consider a featured wall, which entails hanging a series of towel racks that cascade down a wall. If you live somewhere that doesn’t allow you to hang things or if you want to avoid putting any holes in the wall, a freestanding towel rack that you can move around is a fantastic option.

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