TP holder with glass shelf
A toilet paper with a shelf. Sound crazy?

It doesn't sound nuts at all if you've ever found yourself scrambling for a safe place to put your belongings while answering nature's call.

In fact, this addition made our TP sales skyrocket and gave us the idea to add shelves to other product lines.  

A Shelf Near Every Toilet!

In a perfect world, there would be a shelf near every toilet. After all, most of us are carrying stuff around with us - phones, wallets, purses, books, notebooks - with no easy place to put them when nature calls.

Everyone knows someone who's lost a phone into a toilet. And it's so preventable - all that's needed is a nice sturdy shelf like one above our Astor Place two-post toilet paper holder to hold personal items.
  • The TP holder is made from brass with an antique copper finish that won't rust, peel, or fade.
  • The shelf over it is made with safety glass that's about four times stronger than regular glass and won't break into shards in the unlikely event that it breaks.
It's a perfect accessory for a powder room or office bathroom. 

Wood shelves are all available with toilet paper holders. Here's a popular example from our Pipeline collection. The holder is made from pipe and finished in satin nickel. The wood itself is Ipe Brazilian hardwood, one of the toughest in the world. Read more about Ipe wood in The Spruce, a site that helps with home and garden decor. 

Check out our selections of toilet paper holders with glass shelves or wood shelves.

Here's How to Improve a Restroom

How frustrating is it to enter a restroom stall only to discover there's no toilet paper and/or no place to hold your belongings?

A hook on the back of the door is better than nothing but not much help if you're hand-carrying a phone. The best solution for conscientious office managers or landlords is to install multi-roll TP holders with shelves. We have several with glass or wood shelves, available in horizontal or vertical styles. Here are a couple from our Prestige Regal and Que New collections:

Did Your Phone Make a Splash? 

If this has happened to you, you're not alone. Almost 40% of reported mobile phone mishaps involve water and just over a quarter (26%)  specifically involved falling into a toilet. And almost half of all mobile phone "incidents" (49%) happened when a phone fell out of a pocket. 

(Three good reasons to consider our TP holders with shelves!)

Luckily, all isn't lost if your mobile takes an unfortunate plunge. Radio personality and tech expert Kim Komando has some advice about what to do - and what not to do -  to fix a wet mobile phone.

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