Now Available - Brass Reversible Candle Holders

Our latest new products just hit the shelf in time for the autumn holidays - reversible candle holders that can hold tapered candles on one side, and votive candles or tea lights on the other.

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Unique Design Holds Tapered and Votive Candles

We created three unique designs for our new candle holders. Each one includes a circular channels to catch any dripping wax for either end. Just flip them over to the side you need.

Contemporary Design. Finish: Glozkin Teal

Here's our Traditional design, with a Polished Brass finish, holding a tapered candle:

This is our Modern design, also shown in our bright Polished Brass finish and holding a votive candle - or is it a tea candle?

Note the beveled edges.

Stack These Candle Holders for Dramatic Effect

It's that time of year when the drama starts to build - first with Halloween, and then the (sometimes) dramatic looks of Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners.

Picture these stacked candle holders with elegant tapered candles on New Year's Eve:


Candle holders can also be stacked using the votive/tea candle ends.

For a really dramatic effect, get different colors to clash for effect (Matte Black with just about any pale color) or complement (Autumn Sparkle with Brushed Bronze).

Choose From 28 Standard Finishes

These new products come in 28 standard finishes. All are created equal, meaning there is no difference in price points for the same style. So a pink candle holder in a traditional design...

...costs the same if you were to select a matte black finish:

(tapered side up)


Remember, we also offer an unfinished option without lacquer. These accessories are shipped in a bright brass polish and can fade into a patina you like. They can then be polished back to their original shine. 

Brass Weightiness Prevents Tipping

Brass is a pretty hefty metal, and the brass we use for countertop accessories are particularly sturdy to avoid tipping over. These candle holders weigh in at 2-1/2 pounds. It will take some effort to accidentally knock them over. Think of Joe Pesci.

As with any candle holders, we do recommend placing them in the center of a table or countertop for maximum safety.

Creative, Fun Designs For Your Next Party!

It's getting cool out and more of us are gathering indoors or around the chiminea outside. Get a few of these candle holders to add extra creativity to your decor!

Reversible candle holders for Halloween decor


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