4-cup countertop mug holder from Allied Brass' Pipeline collection. Finished in matte white.
We're known for our very high-quality brass accessories for the home and office, but did you know we have two lines made entirely from pipe?

The Pipeline Collection: A Pipe Dream Come True!

We've always admired exposed brick and pipe you see in older buildings. A lot of these features were seen in buildings around our original site in New York's Flatiron district.

Designers and decorators admire stronger metals like brass and pipe. Our
Pipeline collection was created to complement this emerging (and unironic) retro style. We started with just a few accessories to test the waters.

Customers loved Pipeline and asked for more so we expanded the collection. Today, it's one of our largest, with more than 50 unique accessories. Here's a sample of what you'll find in Pipeline:

And of course, there's the six-mug counter top holder like the one in the feature photo above. It's also available with four mug hooks, with options to hang on a wall or under the counter.

Other popular Pipeline items include this one-inch cabinet knob finished in satin nickel:

...and this frameless arched mirror with an antique bronze finish.
Pipeline accessories are available in seven standard finishes.

Camo Collection  - Informal, Fun, Unexpected

More recently, we noticed a new explosion of camouflage in fashion styles and accessories. It made perfect sense to offer a new collection constructed from pipe and with a camo finish.

The Camo Collection was introduced in 2019 and was another hit. Part of the appeal, customers told us, is that people are surprised to see it in a kitchen or a bathroom - even in vacation and hunting cabins where we initially envisioned it. A Camo accessory is a bit unexpected.

Take a look at these accessories with proven Camo appeal:
Also be sure to look at the Camo grab bar, available in four sizes:

...and this towel ring with a braided stainless steel ring:

Now go see the full selection of pipe-made accessories from Allied Brass!