New! Wall Mounted Scent Stick Holders From Allied Brass

We're pretty sure we aren't the only people who love scented candles and scent sticks. In fact, we often place scented votives in our wall-mounted votive holders. A nice lemon-tinged lavender breeze makes a luxurious soak all that more special.

Lots of people like scent sticks, too. Problem is, many of the diffusers or holders out there are kind of... clumsy, in our opinion. They can be easily knocked over or hold just one stick at a time.

So we (literally) went to our drawing board and came up with several handsome scent stick holders of our own including these from our Waverly Place collection (shown in a matte white finish) and one in a bright polished brass finish from our Montero collection.

Brass & Glass & Wall Mounted Scent Stick Holders

We already love the look of brass and glass and incorporate it in a lot (and we mean a lot) of our shelves and other products (towel bars, toilet paper holders) we offer with shelf options. So it was natural to include removable thick glass containers to hold our scent sticks.

You'll notice that the metal screw-on tops match the selected brass finish. We offer these in 17 finishes, including matte gray and black in addition to the matte white shown above. Or get an unlacquered finish to darken into a preferred shade. (Read more about polishing unfinished brass.)

All our scent stick holders are wall-mounted for the same safety-related reasons we do this for our votive candle holders: safety. These holders can't be knocked over to make a mess and can be mounted of reach of inquiring little hands.

Plus, many scent stick kits come with oils to enhance the aroma so this way the oil remains where it should: inside the holder.

Holds Different Size Scent Sticks

Scent sticks come in different sizes, so we selected bottles that accommodate about a half-dozen standard thin size sticks, or one of the thicker, longer-burning sticks.

Because this is a new product, we have limited supplies at the moment. Order today!

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