You know, not all mirrors hang on a wall. At least not all mirrors from Allied Brass.

Ceiling-hung mirrors have been an arresting feature in restrooms of fashionable clubs, restaurants, boutiques, hotels, and homes where fine decor is important. They stand out as stylish accents to elegant rooms, particularly where the ceilings are high. In many places, they provide an inventive way to divide a room or large space.

Above are our oval and landscape-shaped hanging mirrors. We also offer round, rectangular, and arched hanging mirrors. All our ceiling hung mirrors are double-sided as well.

All our mirrors come with hanging hardware that matches the finish or color you choose, and instructions on proper hanging.

And finally - we recently reduced the price of our ceiling-hung mirrors by 30%, and now offer free shipping!

Mirror, Mirror, Hanging From the Ceiling

Why hang a mirror from the ceiling instead of on a wall?

One practical reason is when the wall where you want to hang a mirror is already full. Chances are, the ceiling has plenty of unused joists.

Ceiling-hung mirrors add dimension to a room, particularly when they reflect natural light from a window or skylight. In a bathroom, this really helps with dressing and makeup as well.

They provide an understated divider in large bedrooms to separate sleeping and dressing areas or shared spaces. That's one place where our double-sided mirrors really help out.

We've also seen them used over kitchen islands, allowing chefs to keep an eye on the stove behind them.

Modern Decorative Touches in Any Room

Mirrors are decorative. People have been hanging art from ceilings for decades, so it was a matter of time before decorative mirrors would receive the same treatment.

If you want to update a room, you can't go wrong with a ceiling-hung mirror from Allied Brass. We designed our mirrors to reflect modern trends:

  • Frameless, flared designs for a minimalist look

  • Beveled edges are standard on three models; we can customize for this and other options

  • Suspended with sturdy 100% brass available in 17 finishes

    • Or choose a custom color for a modest, one-time fee (so you "own" the color for any future purchases)

And who knows? Maybe these mirrors can divine the fairest of us all!

Questions? Email us at sales@alliedbrass.com or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.