Allied Brass wall-mounted brass soap dish Pacific Grove collection
You're still obsessing about washing your hands, right? Good. Now how about getting a soap dish you can highkey over?

If you don't understand us, we were going to start with "soap still dope" until the teenager cringed. We're ready to spill the tea on our soap dishes, soap, and current teen slang.

One option is the wall-mounted designer soap dish above from our Pacific Grove collection. It's made with brass and detailed with a clear acrylic inlay inside a ring with a twist design, one of four ring styles. Click on the photo and you can preview different designs and 17 finishes.

With COVID-19 - a meaner virus than seasonal flu on our hands (and in the air) - to fight, hand washing became a major defense against you-know-what. Wash up before and after handling food, and after using the bathroom, taking out the trash, walking the dog...there's quite a list. You can review the CDC's recommendations for when to wash your hands.

Wash up with this pedestal-style soap dish from our Pipeline collection, shown here in a matte white finish, one of seven offered with this collection of pipe-constructed kitchen and bathroom accessories.

What Soap is Straight Fire? (Best)

2020 was The Year of Soap. We read lots of articles about different types of soaps and their effectiveness against The Virus.

  • Most researchers reported that bar soap and liquid soap were evenly effective in washing away COVID-19 and other assorted viruses and bacteria.
  • Their primary message is to wash for at least 20 seconds.
  • Bar soap might have an edge here because it takes slightly longer to foam up. The additional friction removes more viral particles, which are very susceptible to soap in general.
  • Any bacteria left on a bar of soap washes away as soon as it comes in contact with water. 

It's worth noting that antibacterial soap is no more effective than plain soap. And since the flu and COVID-19 are viruses, antibacterial agents aren't useful against them - unless they are included in a soapy application! Antibacterial soap isn't necessary unless you work in an area with exposure to bacteria like a laboratory.  

Finally, plain bar soap is usually less expensive than liquid soap.

Brass Offers Antibacterial Protections

If you do worry about bacteria, consider that brass is composed of copper and zinc, which have antibacterial qualities even in damp environments. It's another reason to embrace brass accessories!

And before we forget, here's a handy guide to teen slang. Our favorite: "Fauci Ouchi" = COVID-19 vaccine. We'll keep that one in mind while we wait in the car for ours later this week.

High Quality, US-Made Accessories

We pride ourselves in creating high-quality accessories made primarily with brass, as well as two lines of accessories made from pipe. Our soap dishes include designs with acrylic inlay and crystal inlay, like this soap dish from our Carolina Crystal collection, shown below in a satin brass finish:

In case you were wondering, our soap dishes come with a thick glass dish and all the hardware you need to install a wall-mounted piece. Every exposed piece matches the finish you choose.

In addition to offering several finishes, we work with a leading powder coating manufacturer who has developed more than 6,500 custom colors! We charge a modest one-time fee for specialty color finishing, so you can order products in your color over and over again.

We design and manufacture our products in our factory in Louisa, Virginia and ship them throughout the US free of charge - even to Alaska and Hawaii. We can also ship products internationally.

Questions? Contact us today!

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