European Style Accessories For The Bathroom And Powder Room

We can state unequivocally:

We have no desire to drop European style from our designs.

And for the record, we will continue to like England no matter what it does.

European Design for Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Let's agree on one major point: European styles and design work particularly well in bathrooms and powder rooms. They bring a modest, modern accent to traditional decor and complement those that are truly modern.

European design also shows ways to do things differently. The toilet paper holder from our Tribecca collection isn't a traditional holder with two posts but its purpose is obvious once a roll is placed on it.

The multi hooks from our Remi collection are another good example of doing things differently. It's obvious that they are hooks--they just look different. And we think, quite attractive with that polished brass finish.

It has a lovely cylinder shape with a button-style tipcertainly something to notice and admire.

Adding New Materials to Our Accessories

We designed and manufacture beautiful brass accessories in 35 distinct collections. One other collection, Pipeline, is created from real pipe.

We like to mix different materials and textures to our accessories, another influence we picked up traveling through Europe and, we admit, certain movies and TV shows.

First, we created glass shelves supported by sturdy brass. Then we moved on to shelves constructed from Ipe hardwood, a sustainable wood imported from South America.

Later, we added acrylic, perhaps a bit unexpected in a Euro design but we've done it in with bathroom tissues holders in our Pacific Beach and Clearview collections shown below. Both have been well-received from our interior designer customers.

Here's our full lineup of accessories that incorporate acrylic material. All come in 17 different finishes including matte white, black, and gray.

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