De-Clutter Your Bathroom With Pretty Glass Shelves

It's hard to keep a bathroom organized. There's so much that belongs in it, and so much we'd rather have within easy reach that shut up in a medicine cabinet.

If this sounds like your situation, consider a pretty glass shelf from Allied Brass. We use strong, shatterproof safety glass and brass to create lovely additions to a favorite, and private, space.

Pretty Glass Shelves By the Dozens!

Did we say dozens? We have about 250 unique glass vanity shelves to offer you in single, double, and triple styles. Click on any image to go to the product page where you can preview up to 29 standard finishes, check out the different sizes available, and zoom in on details.

Elegant Single Glass Vanity Shelves 

You can fit a lot of lotions and potions on this elegantly designed, flared glass  from our Prestige Que New collection:

Finish: Polished Brass

This shelf comes in two lengths: 18" and 24", both 5" width at the widest.

Add gallery rails to make sure nothing slides off and towel bars to add more functionality to a shelf like we did here:

Glass and brass shelf with towel bar and gallery rail


Waverly Place Collection. Finish: Brushed Bronze.

Whimsical Floating Glass and Brass Shelves

Floating glass shelves deliver a touch of fun to bathroom decor without losing an elegance. Here's an example from our Dottingham Collection with a shiny polished nickel finish and a gallery rail added on:

Floating shelf glass and brass construction with gallery rail

Check out our other floating shelves.

Need More Space? Double and Triple Glass Shelves Deliver!

Sometimes you need a lot of shelf space. We deliver with double and triple glass shelves held in place by sturdy brass arms, with the towel bar and gallery rail options available. 


Double glass shelf with brass hardware and towel bar


Pipeline Collection. Finish: Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

See more of our double brass and glass shelves.

Here is a triple glass shelf from our Carolina Crystal Collection:


Triple level brass and glass shelf with crystal glass detail
Finish: Antique Pewter 


See more triple brass and glass shelves.

Our Glass Shelves are Made to Hold Up! 

Our glass shelves are strong, thanks to their safety glass and brass construction.

You have to work pretty hard to break safety glass. You'd need a mallet or something like that, so accidental breakage is pretty rare (assuming you aren't swinging tools around glass). Plus, it takes a while for safety glass to fully break.

Retro Dot Collection Two Tiered Glass Shelf with Integrated Towel Bar


Retro Dot Collection. Finish: Satin Chrome 

We use 3/8" safety glass for our shelves, which is just right. Here's an interesting article we found from Arizona glass design expert John Wakefield on the topic.

You can also read more about the safety glass we use in this post we published a in this blog couple of years ago. 


Glass shelves