Brass Basket Champions

Did you know that we have brass wire mesh baskets as tough as those baskets that have been taking a pounding from the likes of Nikola Joki´c. And yet, they're as attractive as Jimmy Butler - and durable, too.

Plus, our baskets help organize bathrooms and were crafted to handle the heat and humidity that builds up in bathrooms. They'd be just fine in Miami. 

Our baskets come in 29 different finishes, including three matte finishes. Click on any image below to visit the product page.

Combination brass wire shower basket
Finish: Polished Brass

The Combination Wire Basket shown above is a full 11 inches long with two tiers - one to hold bar soap and one with additional depth to store everything else you use in a shower.

The brass ventilation wires minimize buildup of soap scum and allow drainage. Best of all, brass doesn't rust, even in damp environments, and its copper elements can even neutralize viruses.

Put These Babies in the Corner!

Our brass baskets all about maximizing bathroom space, so it's no surprise that about half our basket inventory is corner baskets that put overlooked space to work. 


Brass wire corner basket
Finish: Antique Pewter


Here's another corner basket, styled with rounder edges and a closed perimeter. 


Corner wired brass basket


Finish: Brushed Bronze

 We even have a two-tiered corner basket perfect for shared bathrooms.


Two-level brass wire corner shower basket


Finish: Polished Nickel

Each tier measures 6.2" x 6.2" x 9.7", providing a lot of storage space. The two tiers have just under 10" between them, allowing an easy reach into the bottom basket.

We also have a rectangular double-tier shower basket, with baskets measuring 4.8" x 11".

Just Holding Bar Soap? No Problem.

Is it TMI when we explain that we use both bar soap and body wash in the shower? Well, it's also why we just need something to keep bar soap in place. This 3.5" x 5.2" does the job well:

Finish: Antique Bronze

We also have an oval brass wire basket measuring 6" x 3.6".


Oval shaped brass wire basket


Finish: Polished Chrome

Free Delivery, Fully Assembled, Easy Installation

Some people say it's crazy, but we ship throughout the US for free. We can also ship overseas for a fee calculated at checkout.

All our brass wire soap baskets come fully assembled and with mounting hardware. Installation is pretty easy using a drill; just make sure you're using the right kind of bit for what you're drilling through.

Here's an excellent drilling guide from This Old House. It notes these important differences in drill bits:

  • Use a carbide bit to drill through ceramic tile
  • Use a diamond-tipped bit for glass and porcelain 

These may sound expensive, but we did a quick check and they really aren't - just like the Old House said.


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