Brass drawer pull with crystal inlay detail

Our Black Friday deals for decorative hardware is still going strong!

Last week, we spoke mostly about cabinet hardware and hardware for bathrooms. This week, let's talk about kitchen hardware that often gets overlooked until it falls apart.

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Brass is Best for Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

We encourage people to avoid hardware catastrophes by choosing hardware made from brass, one of the sturdier metals out there. Brass also has the benefit of being highly resistant to moisture (there's no iron in it to rust) and has antiviral and antibacterial qualities as well.

Honestly, we don't know why anyone would choose another metal for their bathrooms and kitchens. 

Don't forget to replace old cabinet hardware with new brass hardware for kitchen cabinets like these three-inch cabinet pulls in a matte gray finish shown below.

Brass cabinetry pulls


Decorative Brass Appliance and Door Pulls 

In addition to cabinet knobs and pulls we discussed last week, we also have decorative brass appliance and door pulls to replace the less sturdy ones that come on new refrigerators, ranges, trash compactors, and other kitchen appliances.

Here's a door pull with a matte white finish fastened to a compactor.


This pull is available with four ring details: smooth, shown above, dotted, twisted, and grooved.

Some door pulls are available in different sizes, like this one from our Pipeline collection, shown below in a brushed bronze finish. It comes in 8", 12", and 18". 

However, we can easily customize most of our products. Please contact us if you want a particular size or ring style for an appliance or door pull.

Does any appliance get pulled on more than the refrigerator or freezer? No one should be shocked if a door pull wears out. Get a snazzy new refrigerator pull to replace the standard one that came with it.

The homeowner below told us she used different finishes when she replaced the handles on her bottom-freezer style fridge.

 Retro Dot Collection. Finishes: Antique Brass (fridge) and Satin Nickel (freezer)

Brass Paper Towel Holders

Whether you cook or microwave, you need paper towels. If you love being in your kitchen - to cook, eat, read, do work - why not get an attractive, designer brass paper towel holder that will last you for years? 

Remember, all our productscome with a limited lifetime warranty. Under normal use, our paper towel holders will last for years. Plastic and aluminum ones will hold out for maybe a couple of years and frankly, aren't all that attractive.

In fact, more than one customer tells us that theirs mysteriously ended up in their children's kitchens. We assume it was a countertop holder like this traditional style, shown below in a polished chrome finish:

We also offer under-the-counter and wall-mounted paper towel holders that are less easy to walk off, and are wonderful space-savers as well.

Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder, Skyline Collection. Finish: Antique Pewter.


Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holder, Fresno Collection. Finish: Antique Bronze.


Be sure to see our full collection of counter top, wall-mounted, and under-the-cabinet paper towel holders. Note that some are readily available with glass shelves; others can be customized to add the feature.

 Waverly Place Collection. Finish: Satin Brass.


Decorative Brass Hardware Sale Ends Friday December 2

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