A Look at Trends in Decorating With Mirrors

If you’re looking for a new and creative way to decorate the walls around your home, why not try adding a mirror or two? A mirror is a timeless choice for wall décor. However, using mirrors in your house can be trendy, as well. To see how you can use mirrors as attractive additions to your home, take a look at trends in decorating with mirrors.

Unique Shapes

A new trend in interior design is using unusually shaped mirrors for function and decoration. So you can look for shapes outside of the traditional circular, rectangular, and square mirrors. Asymmetrical mirrors, complex polygonal mirrors, and more are trending in homes. Oversized mirrors are also becoming increasingly popular. Don’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to choosing a new mirror.

New Mirror Styles

Take this opportunity to experiment with different mirror styles as well as shapes. The wall mirror is great for traditional homes. But in homes with a more modern style, a ceiling hung mirror is the trendy way to go. You can incorporate a ceiling hung mirror into nearly any room, which is part of what makes it so popular. This unique mirror works great in modern homes and homes that lack wall space. Furthermore, they’re great for experimenting with the flow of a room.

Mirror Collages

If including one mirror as an accent piece feels boring, try incorporating a collage of mirrors. Instead of one large mirror, opt for a handful of smaller mirror pieces. A mirror collage is a unique take on a classic decorative mirror and is great at drawing in the eye as a wall accent. You can create a new shape with individual mirrors, fit them together as an overall mosaic piece, and more. The creative options are endless.

Mirrors can be great functional pieces and stylish additions to your home. After taking a look at trends in decorating with mirrors, you can try incorporating some of these ideas into your own home to add a touch of modern style.