Our Pipeline collection is going camo!

Camouflage never really went out of style. However, it's making quite a statement in places that might surprise you, like fashion runways -- look for more camo winter coats in the next month or so.

We are starting seeing more camouflage design on Pinterest, particularly in bedding and shower curtains.

We had been talking about trying out a camo finish for a few months. We chose Pipeline as an ideal starting point. Above you'll see a Pipeline single wood shelf and toilet paper holder with hardware in green camo finish. And yes, the spring holder is also finished in camo.

We expect to release these and a few other camo pieces in about a month. In the meantime: what do you think of this look in home accessories?

We will also offer camo finishes for glass shelves and no-roll TP holders including the two shown below.

Camouflage is Over 100 Years Old

As everyone knows, camouflage was developed for military purposes and allows the wearer to blend in with the background. Early versions date to 18th century rifle units. Modern camo as we know it was developed by the French during World War I and adopted by armies on both sides of the Western Front.

Camouflage entered the fashion world right after the war, in black and white "dazzle camouflage." And of course, camouflage was famously (and ironically) embraced in the 1960s by anti-war protestors.

Hunting camouflage serves an entirely different purpose: to hide from animals but remain visible to other hunters, usually through orange vests and caps.

Check out this useful Wikipedia entry to see other examples of camouflage used around the world. Which one do you like for home decor?

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