Wall mounted brass makeup and shaving mirror with handle

We've always believed that shaving and makeup mirrors are your friends. Because who else will not only tell you you missed a spot this morning, or that you forgot to add eyeliner to both eyes without judging you?

We offer a few different styles for our shaving/makeup mirrors:

  • Traditional, vanity-top mirrors (think of a movie star's dressing room)
  • Mirrors that extend out from walls
  • Tilt makeup mirrors that bolt to walls
  • Floorstand mirrors (think of how some of the bad guys shaved in Westerns)

All our mirrors are 8" in diameter and come with two sides. Choose from 2X to 5X magnification for the flip side.

Read on to see which style you want to greet you in the morning.

Traditional Vanity Top Makeup Mirror in Brass 

If you're a traditionalist when it comes to makeup mirrors, we salute you over a variety of double-sided, flip mirrors in this style. Here are a couple to check out; click on any image to see more finishes and details.

Countertop brass makeup mirror

Finish: Antique Brass. 

8 inch 2 sided vanity top brass mirror

 Soho Collection. Finish: Matte Black.

And of course we offer our new colors for all our products. This brass mirror is pretty in pink.

Pink brass two-sided makeup mirror

Long live the 1980s - here's the original Psychedelic Furs video.

Wall-Mounted Extending Mirrors Perfect for Shaving or Makeup

Modern days demand modern ways. Our wall-mounted extending mirrors can reach out 14" and fold back when you're done.

8 inch wall mounted brass mirror 14 inch extension

 Finish: Oil-rubbed Bronze

Note the twisted ring accent on this mirror, one of four available on select models or by request. The other ring styles are smooth, dotted, and grooved.

These mirrors can be mounted to extend over both sinks in a double-sink bathroom design: 

Wall mounted brass shaving mirror extends 14"


Finish: Satin Chrome

Tilting Wall-Mounted Makeup Mirrors 

Here's another shaving mirror style:  a wall-mounted one that tilts up and down. This style is works well on its own or to coordinate with nearby mirrors. It all depends on personal preferences.

Wall mounted tilting brass shaving mirror
Retro Dot collection. Finish: Satin Brass
This mirror can also be mounted vertically.
We're particularly fond of the style below, which mounts an old-fashioned handheld mirror to a wall. It also swivels from side to side and  tilts up and down.
Brass wall tilt and swivel mounted shaving and makeup mirror
Tribecca Collection. Finish: Matte White

Freestanding, Height-Adjustable Shaving Mirrors 

We offer two freestanding shaving mirrors - they can also be used for makeup as well - that can be adjusted for heights between 56" - 68". 


Height adjustable freestanding shaving mirror

 Finish: Antique Brass

This style include a little shelf to hold supplies. Our other freestanding mirror is more streamlined, with no shelf. Both are wonderful, standout accessories - especially for bathrooms with definite themes.

Both mirrors are weighted down with a sturdy base heavy enough to prevent tips, yet light enough to move around the room.

Best of all, our mirrors are made from brass and highly resistant to moisture and corrosion. All our finishes are powder coats and warrantied against tearing, fading, or peeling under normal use. They won't tarnish, either, unless you order an unlacquered coating. (Here's why some people love this option.)

Treat your mornings to a shave or makeup job in the style that suits you best. Check out all our makeup and shaving mirrors.


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