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Guest-friendly Bathroom Accessories

It's November, Thanksgiving is over, and the holiday season is here!

Our Thanksgiving guests give us a kind of dry run for the real winter holidays. With two college kids coming home to join their high school sibling, there's usually a friend or two whose own homes are too far to go for a short break. We're happy to host and are so thankful for in-state tuition!

If your clients host people for the holidays, tell them about our very useful and stylish bathroom accessories that help guests quickly find what they need and stash a few items they brought along.

The Ultimate Bathroom Organizer

Above at the left is one of our ultimate bathroom organizers, this one in a brushed bronze finish from our Prestige Skyline collection, one of our largest lines. It combines a holster to hold a hair dryer and a ring for a tumbler or soap dish. Then there's a towel arm to hold a guest-size towel. These organizers also very useful in any shared bathroom, including the master.

To the right, there's our two-tiered shower basket that fits in a corner to hold soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors – whatever's used in the shower. Because it's made from brass, it's highly resistant to moisture including water and steam. That polished brass finish – or any of the other 16 we offer – won't rust or deteriorate, and the finishes won't peel, fade, or crack.

Bonus: brass acts as a barrier against bacteria.

Check out the variety shower basket styles we've created!

Organized Bathrooms Help Hosts and Guests

We've all been there: in a bathroom with no TP.

It's slightly embarrassing to go out and ask for bathroom tissue after you've rooted around the vanity. It may be even more awkward for the host. Don't let your customers or clients be that host.

Tell them about our other guest-friendly accessories like the double roll holder at right from our Pipeline collection, or an upright holder with reserve space for an extra roll from our Montero collection shown below.

These attractive accessories are made right here in the USA. They're sturdy and easy to install; all hardware is included. They come in several finishes (just click on the photos to link to details) and can be customized for color and design. Our brass is 100% brass, while Pipeline is made from actual pipe.

We have other accessories designed to make it a little easier to host multiple guests and visitors:

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