Glass Shelves: Pretty And Pretty Tough

Do you like glass decor? We do, too.

But glass shelves have a kind of weak reputation. They can only hold delicate little knickknacks, right?

Not ours. We created glass shelves strong enough to hold whatever you need in your bathroom -- personal products like combs and brushes, lotions, shaving cream and aftershave -- or store extra hand towels, face cloths, tissues, and other necessities.

Strong, Attractive Glass Shelves

Are you concerned that glass shelves are too delicate? Not ours. We make them with beveled 3/8-inch thick safety glass that's far less likely to break and if it does, it won't shatter into tiny sharp pieces.

Our shelves are held together with sturdy, even pretty, brass frames and hardware like the Carolina Crystal shelf just above that shows off some nice glass inlay against a satin brass finish. The Pipeline shelf under it is made from actual pipe, this one with a brushed bronze finish.

Both are great examples of stylish decor for different tastes from the dozens of glass shelves we offer, made for strength and durability.

So Many Options!

Our glass shelves come with lots of options.

For starters, our brass products are available in 17 standard finishes, while Pipeline currently offers seven, with more to come.

In addition to the double shelves above, we have several three-tiered shelves and even more single-tier shelves like this one from our Waverly Place collection:

Shelves come in two lengths: 16" and 22" and at least 5.5" width. Several models are available with gallery bars and towel bars underneath. We can also customize colors, and add options like adding towel bars with hooks. Give us a shout to talk about the specs you're looking for.

Questions? Email us at or give us a call at (540) 967-5970.